Integrative Navigation in the Community


Beginning in 2007, Smith Center brought integrative navigation to Washington DC's medically underserved African American and African immigrant communities through our groundbreaking Community Navigation Program.

Supported through grants from the Quality Health Foundation, Livestrong Foundation, and Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Smith Center carefully selected cancer survivors and caregivers from the community and trained them through our Patient Navigation Training in Integrative Cancer Care. Our navigators offered individual navigation assistance and education and outreach programs in our city's most underserved areas. All services have been offered free of charge through area churches and in partnership with local organizations.

Our Community Navigators have led a variety of creative, engaging education and outreach events to raise awareness of navigation services for patients and families, integrative cancer care resources, wellness practices, and cancer prevention. Venues for our programs have included churches, senior citizen centers, shelters, African embassies, mosques, community libraries, women's groups, and community events.

Through our efforts, over 12,000 individuals have been assisted. Our programs have been successful in connecting patients and families to additional cancer care and integrative resources as well as instilling long-lasting lifestyle changes that support wellness and assist in recovery.

Some of our most successful educational efforts have included:

Women's Wisdom

A video featuring breast cancer survivors who share their advice and experience to dispel myths and fears that prevent women from seeking care.

Soul Savory

A highly popular cookbook of favorite recipes submitted by church communities and revised by Smith Center's Laura Pole, Director of Nourishment Programs, to be healthier versions of classic soul and comfort food.

Soul Savory Cookbook

Wellness Works & Healthy U

A well-attended, family-oriented six-week series of classes on making long-lasting lifestyle changes for the better in healthy eating, exercise and stress reduction.

Wellness Works and Healthy U

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