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Life's experiences and challenges often turn our attention to exploring deeper aspects of ourselves. The creative arts can help us access our innate strength and internal wisdom. They can also be great fun!

Creativity Workshop at Smith CenterCreativity Workshops offer the tools to in help unlock innate creative potential and promote inner listening and self-awareness through writing, art, music, poetry, and movement.

Smith Center holds regular workshops for the community and for adults living with cancer and illness. Check this spot often to learn about and sign up for the latest scheduled events at Smith Center’s U Street location in Northwest, DC.

  • Outside the Lines: A Creative Art Studio
  • Knitting in the Nook
  • From Diet Prescription to Nourishing Meals: Culinary Translation In Breast Cancer Care and Survivorship
  • Advances in Breast Cancer Research
  • Stitch Together & Dance
  • Moving Dialogues: The Yarn of Your Truth

    “This was a wonderful way to reconnect with my inner self and move forwards with my work in ways I hadn’t considered.” -Workshop Participant



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